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Custom Crafted Ammunition in Montana, USA 

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.45 ACP
.40 S&W
9 MM
.308 Winchester
7.62 NATO
223/5.56 NATO Brass Casing
223/5.56 NATO Nickel Casing


Remanufactured Ammo

made in the usa!
All cartridge cases for defects. MAC machines are fully automated and cases are checked for any debris and pressure tested for any splits or cracks. Primers are removed, flash holes are cleared, and primer pockets are reamed to accept new primers.

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about montana ammunition cO.
Founded by longtime firearm enthusiast, we strive to provide the best ammunition for our customers as we are "shooters" first and foremost.  We provide quality new and remanufactured ammunition and components, and are always looking to expanding our product offerings. .